Sunflower Print Inflatable Pool Float (70″)


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Bring new and uniqueness to the pool with this Sunflower Print Circular Inflatable Pool Float. This sunflower print attractive float is one of those styles which attracts persons and adults who love sunflowers. This tube looks fabulous when you take it into the pool with the scorching sun over your head. The sun rays make the sunflower design on the tube appealing and make it even more amazing.

The tube can be used by both, kids and adults. The tube is made of PVC and is very durable. The tube does not lose its color and the material also stays the same even after you take it in the hot sun for hours. The tube is inflatable and can be kept easily when not in use. The Sunflower Print Circular Inflatable Tube can be your choice for your next pool party. Flaunt your sunflower shaped tube among your friends and family and enjoy your pool or beach party to the fullest.

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